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How Safe Are Online Casinos

If you are considering playing at an online casino, then you are probably wondering just how safe online casinos are. The truth of the matter is that online casinos are only as safe as you deem them to be. Fortunately, if you aren’t too paranoid, then you will find that most of the major online casinos carry superb security and protection. There are a few things you can keep an eye on, to determine whether casinos are safe or not for you to play at.

Rather understandably, reputation is a great sign of how safe a casino may be. The more popular a casino is, the better the reputation it is. It is rare to find popular and reputable online casinos which are unsafe. If such a casino was unsafe, very few players would play there, let alone recommend it. The best way to check out a casino’s reputation is to pop along to a casino review site, and preferably one of the better ones. They will rapidly be able to tell you all you need to know about their security and safety. Generally – like we’d said – a popular casino is a safe casino.

Online casinos are required to carry licenses to be deemed safe. Any casinos which does not carry a gambling license is likely to be hugely unsafe. The most popular licensed are issued out of Malta, Cyprus, Gibraltar, the United Kingdom. Alderney, and Curacao. A few other licenses exist, but just having their license on display is usually enough to guarantee that a casino is at least somewhat safe to play at. Similarly, if the casino is a part of the eCOGRA group, then you should have no qualms about playing there.

Encryption and firewall software
Information about encryption and firewall software may be hard to track down, but most online casinos offer it anyway. This is essential. It prevents hackers from getting into your personal details, and it also stops players (to some extent) being able to cheat the system. Encryption is most commonly offered as SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption, and there may also be added security protocols around bank transfers, too, adding a further layer of security and safety to a casino.

Random number generators
Not all threats can come from outside a casino. In fact, some casinos themselves may try to rip you off. This is only a small minority of casinos, but those that do so will be primarily doing it by refusing to pay out, or by having games that are rigged so that you never win very much. The very best online casinos will use random number generators (RNGs) to ensure that their games are played fairly, and give you a reasonable chance of success. Most casinos will able to tell you if they use RNGs, or not, and you are usually able to find this info in the terms and conditions section of a casino site. Again, if they run RNGs, they are a lot safer to play at. The best casinos will also have these systems tested by independent auditors, to ensure that everything is up to scratch with the latest industry standards.

Exclusion programs
Another threat you may face regarding safety is from yourself. If you are not able to tear yourself away from gambling, but you know that you should, an exclusion program is helpful. This way, you can temporarily (or permanently) block yourself from playing. This may not sound like safety at first, but it is a safety feature which stops you from going too far.

Policies, terms and conditions
Lastly, if you are in any doubt about the security and safety of a casino, you can always check out the terms and conditions, and privacy policies hosted at a casino. They make these policies widely available, so do look. It requires a bit of reading, but you’ll soon know whether your casino is safe (and fair) by looking at what is said in those online documents.